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Children’s Entertainers

Children’s Entertainers

Chameleon - Crazy Creatures North East - Mobile Petting Zoo


Finding something for kids to do at social events can be troublesome. There are some many different places to go and things to do with a group of kids it can be hard to see any sort of difference between these different venues. Crazy Creatures North East and our mobile petting zoo service is a great way to bring life to the party without having to leave your own home. The combination of North East Children’s entertainers and amazing animals will make any of your events one to remember.

Many of the animals which we have available to bring to the event are not of the regular persuasion. Exotic creatures such as iguanas, snakes and tarantulas are just some of the animals which can join our children’s entertainers when they come to visit. This is a unique opportunity for you to throw a birthday party which is both memorable and filled with new and exciting experiences.

Who wouldn’t remember the first time they held a giant tarantula or had a slithering snake draped over their shoulders? Even though these animals may seem scary to some, we do our best to provide an environment where it is completely safe and supervised.

Crazy Creatures North East and our mobile petting zoo can be the perfect choice if you are looking for North East children’s entertainers for any sort of function. As well as parties or events, our services are great for letting children become more comfortable with a range of animals. The safe and secure environment provided by our staff is second to none and we aim to give you an amazing experience for kids and adults alike. Our animals have been well socialised and are used to people allowing you to get a little closer to the animal action with Crazy Creatures North East.


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